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Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in Blogs, Good Carma | 0 comments

2016 Olympics – Are you an Olympian?



By: Carma Goin, Executive Director, IPMA

Since the 2016 Olympics came to a close a few weeks ago, I keep thinking and wondering about how I can train like an Olympian.

I’m sure just like me, once you turned on the TV you were glued to the games!  Watching the amazing talents, dedication, and how all the athletes trained their bodies and minds was inspiring. The joy in their accomplishments and the agony of defeat, made me think of our daily jobs and how similar they truly are.  So I ask myself and I ask you, are we training ourselves to be “Olympians” in our jobs?

I believe we get so busy doing our everyday work, that we forget to take the time and upgrade ourselves or train our bodies and minds. Just like in our day to day world, in the print and/or mail shops, equipment and software all need rebooted, upgraded, fine-tuned and cleaned.  We should take the time to think of ourselves as the same. Occasionally, we need to upgrade, fine-tune and clean our minds as well.

Take 10 minutes every morning just to “meditate.” Maybe you’re not into meditating… I’m really not either, but 10 minutes of just sitting and thinking about how I’m going to tackle the day and what my 3 most important goals to accomplish are, is a way of focusing and meditating in itself.

You should also be thinking about upgrading your software – “your brain.”  There are many books out there to read and gain knowledge from for your own personal and professional development. Don’t have time to read with your busy schedule? Then maybe consider getting an Audiobook/CD and listen to on your way to work.

Another way to upgrade yourself and stay updated is by using your IPMA Membership – with which you will have lots of resources right at your fingertips! Learn from those around you who are truly interested in your success as an in-plant manager and willing and ready to help. I’m also excited to let you in on new things we are doing at IPMA to add value and benefit to your membership.

Heading into the future, beginning in the last half of 2016, IPMA is working on valuable assets for you.  With the State of the In-Plant Industry report under our belts, we are bringing opportunities for you to become a better person, manager and employee with online courses, assessments, white papers & case studies along with surveys to benchmark and more.

I challenge you to be an Olympian and train your body to be the best you can be.  Last but not least – You do have a chance to win GOLD!  With that I’ll close by reminding you to save those printed pieces; the In-Print Contest is around the corner!

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