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2018 In-Print Awards

The only printing contest exclusively for in-plants!
Sponsored by IPMA and In-plant Graphics

2018 In-Print Winners 

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Big Winners in the In-Print 2018 Contest

Content & pictures courtesy of Bob Neubauer, In-plant Graphics Editor

In-Print 2018 judges Ben Fowler, Terry McSparin, Nathan Thole, Christopher Donlon and John Yerger take a close look at the entries. Judging this year took a full 10 hours.
By the time the In-Print 2018 contest judging had wrapped up Monday evening, it was clear that one in-plant had dominated the competition. The University of Texas at Austin came away with more total awards than any other participant, as well as the most Gold awards in this year’s contest. UT-Austin Document Solutions won eight awards in all, including four Golds, in both the offset and non-offset categories.



***Please beware of a non-authorized vendor (ShowMark Media LLC) soliciting the winners of the In-Print Contest for a recognition award. This is in no way authorized by either IPMA nor In-plant Graphics. We do not charge the winners of this contest for their original awards. Duplicate copies are made available to those who wish to purchase.***

Click to view the 2018 Winners after the March 2018 judging  company and category.

2018 In-Print judges: Chris Donlon, Nathan Thole, John Yerger, Terry McSparin, Bob Neubauer, Larry Clements, Ben Fowler

Photo Credit: Bob Neubauer, In-plant Graphics


2018 – Bloomberg INK, John Cruser / University of Texas-Austin, Richard Beto

2018 Best of Show
Non-Offset>Bloomberg INK

2018 Best of Show Non-Offset Winning Piece

2018 Best of Show Offset Winning Piece


2017 –  Bloomberg Ink, John Cruser / University of Texas-Austin, Richard Beto
2016 – The Church of Scientology / Yale University
2015 – Brigham Young University / Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
2014 –
Brigham Young University / East Carolina University
2013 – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints / Washington State University
2012 – University of Minnesota/University of North Texas
2011 – Brigham Young University/University of North Texas
2010 – University of Oklahoma/University of North Texas
2009 – Briggs & Stratton
2008 – Conoco Phillips
2007 – Conoco Phillips
2006 – University of Delaware
2005 – University of Missouri-Columbia
2004 – University of Delaware
2003 – University of Missouri-Columbia
2002 – Phillips Petroleum
2001 – Boeing
2000 – SAFECO
1999 – University of Missouri-Columbia
1998 – Hitachi Data Systems
1997 – Boeing
1996 – Phillips Petroleum
1995 – Brigham Young University
1994 – Phillips Petroleum
1993 – Boeing
1992 – USAA
1991 – Boeing
1990 – Boeing


2018 – Bloomberg INK

2017 – Liberty University
2016 – Oklahoma University
2015 – Houston ISD

2018 In-Print Winners:

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