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In-Print Awards


The only printing contest exclusively for in-plants!
Sponsored by IPMA and In Plant Graphics

Click here to view the categories for the 2017 In-Print Award contest and click here to submit your entries. 

The In-Print Awards competition is the only printing contest exclusively for in-plants. Jointly sponsored by In-Plant Graphics and the In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA), the contest is an excellent way to show off the quality of your printing. Not only does the contest have numerous categories for both “Offset” and “Non-Offset” pieces…

  • There is a category for projects printed using both techniques.
  • There are categories for both variable data and cross-media projects.

Go through your in-plant’s printed work and pick out examples that are perfect in every way — great registration, crisp folds and no hickeys. Selecting flawless samples is the best way to ensure that your pieces make it through the first round of scrutiny by our eagle-eye judges.

Winners will be selected in March 2017 by a panel of experts. They will awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. One Best of Show winner will be selected from the winners in the offset categories and another Best of Show winner will be picked from the non-offset categories. The winners’ names will be revealed at the awards dinner during IPMA’s conference, taking place in June in Pittsburgh.

Contest Judging — March 2017

To pick the winners, judges consider the degree of difficulty required to print a job, and often consult the entry forms to see which equipment was used. (i.e. A four-color job printed on a single-color press might outweigh a similar job printed on a four-color press.) On the other hand, some jobs with excellent printing, failed to win prizes due to poor stitching.

IPMA members receive three free entries into the competition.

To learn more, visit

 Click to view the the 2017 In-Print Contest winners by company and category.

2017 In-Print Contest Judges
Photo Credit: Bob Neubauer, In-Plant Graphics


2017 –  Bloomberg Ink, John Cruser / University of Texas-Austin, Richard Beto




2016 – The Church of Scientology / Yale University
2015 –
Brigham Young University / Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
2014 –
Brigham Young University / East Carolina University
2013 – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints / Washington State University
2012 – University of Minnesota/University of North Texas
2011 – Brigham Young University/University of North Texas
2010 – University of Oklahoma/University of North Texas
2009 – Briggs & Stratton
2008 – Conoco Phillips
2007 – Conoco Phillips
2006 – University of Delaware
2005 – University of Missouri-Columbia
2004 – University of Delaware
2003 – University of Missouri-Columbia
2002 – Phillips Petroleum
2001 – Boeing
2000 – SAFECO
1999 – University of Missouri-Columbia
1998 – Hitachi Data Systems
1997 – Boeing
1996 – Phillips Petroleum
1995 – Brigham Young University
1994 – Phillips Petroleum
1993 – Boeing
1992 – USAA
1991 – Boeing
1990 – Boeing


2017 – Liberty University
2016 – Oklahoma University
2015 – Houston ISD

2017 In-Print Winners:

2016 In-Print Winners:

2015 In-Print Winners:

2014 In-Print Winners: