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IPMA Awards


Entries Due by March 31, 2019

The In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA) offer several award-winning opportunities for in-plants that not only provide national recognition, but also build customer confidence and boost staff morale.

Awards can be won in the following categories:

2018 IPMA Winners

See the list of past winners of IPMA Awards by category.

To be considered for any of the IPMA awards your entry should include the following information:

Entry Application with the name of the award for which you are applying or nominating; Your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address; The name or names, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the person or organization you are nominating.

Nominees must be active IPMA Members. You may also include any additional information/materials that the judges may find helpful in making their decision.

Format for Award Submissions

This is a basic guideline/format that should be used for all IPMA Award submissions.  The major heading will direct the applicant to provide necessary information to allow for evaluation.  Failure to include specific information could result in disqualification of your submission.

  1. Executive Summary
  2.  A full description of purpose, mission or hypothesis.
    1. A clear and concise statement related to your situation and how it applies to the specific award.
    2. Outline of program, process or procedures.
      1. Prior history
      2. Steps of implementation or description of program
      3. Measurement process or how data was collected
      4. Evaluation of data
      5. Description of results
      6. Quantitative analysis of results.  Provide data used in evaluation.
        1. Productivity increases
        2. Cost savings
        3. Contribution to parent company’s mission
        4. Examples, samples and supporting documentation
        5. Other related information

The goal of the IPMA Awards program is to identify those organizations that are excelling and prospering.  By standardizing the entry process, the evaluation team will be able to clearly differentiate between programs and identify the most deserving organization.

You are encouraged to include any additional information/materials that may be helpful to the judges when making their decision. All entries must include the official entry form and documentation. A separate entry form must be submitted for each award category.

IPMA Award Form– Due March 31, 2019