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Outstanding Contributor Award

Recognizes an IPMA member or supporter in good standing for at least six months who has demonstrated dedication and support to the association and made positive contributions to the chapter during the calendar year

  • IPMA Board Members only may submit a nomination for the Outstanding Contributor Award.
  • Any IPMA member may submit a recommendation for nomination, even on behalf of himself or herself, to a current IPMA Board Member via
  • The information should include a description of the individual’s contributions to the association. Biographical information about the nominee should also be included.
  • Nominees may not be a member of the International IPMA board of directors..

Past Winners of the IPMA Outstanding Contributor Award:

2017 – Bob Neubaurer

2017 – Richard Silver
2016 – Chris Anderson
2015 – Elisha Kasinskas
2014 – Larry Wright
2013 – Sherri Isbell
2012 – Rob Lingard
2011 – Mark Raschka
2010 – Tricia Bhatacharya, Stanley Verser
2009 – Greg Cholmondeley, Kevin Field
2008 – Debra Payne Benson, Mike Lloyd, Bob Wamsher, Larry Wright
2007 – Larry Clements, Liz Hunter
2006 – Craig Sedgwick
2005 – Dana Bauer, Larry Clements, Christine Landowski, Cindy Larson, Lee Sperl
2004 – Barb Anselm, Stanley Braud, Lora Geionety, Donald Landwehr, Mark Raschka, Tom Neckvatal, Bob Wamsher, Larry Wright
2003 – Susan Aschim, Terry Avery, Liz Hunter
2002- Kerry Mehle, Thomas Owens
2001 – Al Harrison, Pat Seier, Christine Landowski, Liz Messner, Lora Geionety, Dave Pitts