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Franklin Stamp and Ink Society


Persons who have completed the Certified Graphic Communication (CGCM) and Certified Mail Mangers (CMM) testing become members of the In-Plant Printing and Mailing Certified Managers Society.This Society is an exclusive group of dedicated members who have demonstrated leadership, techno-logical and advanced knowledge in the field of printing and mailing.

Members Duties and Responsibility
As an ongoing member of the Franklin Stamp and Ink Society
it is each members responsibility to support and further the goals of the group.
The following is a partial list of activities membership could participate in.

  •  Recertification after five years.
  •  Participation in maintaining and developing training materials
  •  Participation in evaluation and modification of testing materials
  •  Mentoring and recruiting potential new Society members
  •  Active participation in IPMA leadership activities
  •  Active participation in Annual Conference activities. Possible activities might include:
    • Serving on Planning Committee;
    • Speaking Opportunities; or,
    • Hosting our Industry Leaders panels
  •  Participation in other IPMA sponsored events like Graph Expo or Monthly webinars
  •  Authoring articles for IPMA newsletter and other publications
  •  Proctoring of testing at the Annual Conference or at regional conference sites