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Posted by on Jul 14, 2015 in Blogs, Guest Post, Silver Lining | 0 comments

Do You Have a Black Belt?

By Richard Silver, Director of Mail and Print Services, George Fox University

So, here’s a question for you to ponder over. When asked how your customer service is, how do you reply? Are you confident that you and your staff have the best customer service? Are you proud that your department knows how to take care of your customers? If you are unsure, then perhaps maybe you should take a moment and evaluate your department’s level of customer service.

Do you have a black belt in customer service? Do you have the whole package?


As arrogant and narcissistic as this may sound, if you have outstanding customer service, then brag about it. Talk up your department, ego boost your staff and let them know what a great job they are doing. Because as a manager and or director, if your customers are happy, then you’re happy.

How do you measure the success of customer service? As fellow colleague Richard Beto suggested, he puts survey cards with all of the customer’s jobs. What a great idea! What better way to get first hand response on the front line than from your customers.

Survey form with a tick placed in Outstanding checkboxIn my department, I train my staff that each customer that walks through the door is treated with the up most respect and treated like they are the most important person. From the customer who is a dream to work with to the customer who is high maintenance. If there is an issue with a job, they are not to argue over it, but to listen to what the customer is sharing and then make the necessary corrections as needed. The customer is not always right! But, it is through proper communication that the two differences can come together, learn from each other and move forward to a more positive interaction for future jobs.

I have come from two failing environments and brought them from almost closing to now being a thriving department. Why? Because I took the time to listen to what the customer needed and made some major adjustments to both the staff and policies. I also took the time to treat each customer with the up most respect and importance; exactly how I would want to be treated.

Treat_OthersTo be fair…customer service is not rocket science. However, not everyone is cut out or has the capacity to deal with customers. Therefore, those are the individuals that you want to just keep tucked in the back of the department and let them do what they do best and that is running production and getting the jobs done. It is still a team effort, but they don’t necessarily have to be front and center.

There is a whole formula that goes into having successful customer service and I won’t go into that today. And so let me ask you… do you have a black belt in customer service?


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