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Posted by on Nov 16, 2017 in Guest Post, News | 0 comments

How Do You Promote Your In-Plant?

Chris Barclay the Printing and Mail Services Manager at Connecticut College in New London sent IPMA an email giving some insight as to his in-plant marketing.

We(Connecticut College Print & Mail Services) had 25 attendees representing Alumni, College Relations, Development, Donor Relations and the Communications office including four vice presidents. This is the first of a series of “town meetings” / “open house” we are planning, one a month through June of 18. It was amazing on how much they didn’t know about us. We also discovered that more work was going off campus then we had thought, simply because they were unaware of our services. This is my BAD!! I thought everyone on campus knew what we could offer. When this open house was all said and done, we can anticipate more business. It was truly a WOW experience for both us and our customers. My Director was also impressed.
We started with a shop tour and explanation of devices and there purpose. We displayed printed samples ranging from pocket calendars to Large format prints. We spoke about our past history through where we are today. Print on demand, Personalized Print and Mail and software were big topics. When I started to mention personalized mail using software like Direct Smile and the data collection that can be derived via the software their heads were turning. They have never heard of this type of software or this type of opportunity.
At the end of open house we demonstrated our job ticketing system, which is now archaic, and how to properly complete the ticket. Our new ticketing software will be unfolded in June of 2018. We ended with an 8 question questionnaire for gift certificates from the campus post office and Dining Services.
For some odd reason everyone is impressed with the cutter. Everyone wanted to see this in operation.

Chris Barclay                                                       
Printing & Mailing Services
270 Mohegen Avenue
New London CT 06320

For ordering & setting up a print job How To’s/FAQ’s follow the link below.

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