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Get to know our IPMA 2017 Annual Conference Keynote Speakers:


steve gillilandSteve Gilliland> Enjoy the Ride

A member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Steve Gilliland is one of the most in-demand and top-rated speakers in the world. Recognized as a master storyteller and brilliant comedian, he can be heard daily on SiriusXM Radio’s Laugh USA. With an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation—plus an interactive and entertaining style—Steve shows audiences how to open doors to success in their careers, their relationships and their lives.  A blueprint for getting the most out of life, Enjoy The Ride™ is a hilarious and brilliantly conceived keynote that causes people to examine where they are personally and professionally. It lifts people up and inspires them to evolve and appreciate, rather than simply maintain and exist.  Click here to learn more about his session at our 2017 Annual Conference.


Jim Rowell> Inspiring Leaders to Reach New Horizons & What does it mean to be a Leader?

After more than 25 years in the corporate world as a professional trainer, supervisor and director, Jim Rowell turned his knowledge to the world of fitness… leadership fitness. As the CEO and co-founder of Rising Sun Consultants, LLC, Jim assists clients in building the health and well-being of their organizational cultures



howie fenton 2Howard FentonCreating a Road Map for Success: Strategies from Leading In-plants

Howard “Howie” Fenton has been a thought leader in the printing and digital communication industry for over 25 years.  A noted author of five books and hundreds of articles and blogs, Fenton is a sought after consultant and engaging speaker that is called upon to present at industry events around the world. He is a trusted advisor to the enterprise, commercial and in-plant printers.



Peter Muir

Peter Muir, President of Bizucate, Inc. is an educator, consultant, marketer, maker and motivator helping individuals and organizations find profitable opportunities through more effective communications. Contact Peter at,


joe webbDr. Joe WebbThe Future of In-Plants

Dr. Joe Webb helps businesses understand the future. He is a consultant, entrepreneur, and economics commentator who started his career in the industrial imaging industry more than 30 years ago. He held business research, planning, marketing and forecasting executive positions along the way, and consulted to firms ranging from large multinationals to small businesses. He started an Internet-based research business in 1995, selling it to a multinational publisher in 2000. Since then, his consulting, speaking, and research projects have focused on the interaction of business-to-business economics and technology trends. He is a doctoral graduate in industrial and corporate education from New York University, holds an MBA in Management Information Systems from Iona College, with baccalaureate work in managerial sciences and marketing at Manhattan College. He has taught in graduate and undergraduate programs in the Northeast US. Courses included Introduction to Business, Introduction to Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Policy, Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing Management, and Quantitative Analysis.


Other Session Speakers/Panelist:


Rueben Ben Quesus – Racad Tech> Web to Print -Ahead of the Technology Curve


Randall Burgess – New ProImage America> Security Planning: In-House and On Demand

Steve Enstad – PageDNA> Turning a Cost Center into a Profit Center

Steve co-founded PageDNA while at Stanford University in 1997. Since then PageDNA has grown to become a leading web to print system for in-plant and commercial printers, worldwide. PageDNA hosts over 2,500 live storefronts, processing over a quarter of a billion in print commerce per year, and is very pleased to be a first-year member of the IPMA.  Join PageDNA CEO Steve Enstad as he reviews ways web to print technology can be used to expand the visibility – and profitability – of your in-plant print shop. Steve will review real-world examples showing how print automation technology is being used to formally embrace and extend relationships with both internal and external customers. This seminar will be useful to both those new to web to print and those with extensive experience.


Tammy Golden – State of Tennessee> CMM & CGCM Certification Forum



Jimmy Vainstein & Andrew Berghauser – The World Bank> Are You Ready for Virtual Reality?

Jimmy Vainstein is a Sr. Project Manager at World Bank’s Printing & Multimedia division. He manages the Bank’s printing operation while exploring cross media technologies and solutions. Andrew Berghauser is a Customer Service Representative and focuses on leveraging multimedia and print projects as a lead on Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences.  Engage, Immerse, and Share your story with Virtual Reality (VR). The most powerful storytelling tool is already at your client’s fingertips. Join this hands-on session and learn how to incorporate this technology in your cross-media communications and explore why print is the perfect avenue to launch VR.


Tom Tozier – University of Nevada-Las Vegas> In Defense of Our Existence

Tom believes innovation is one of the keys to success and as a leader, managing change is an essential talent. I have a great understanding of new technologies, evolving social interactions, economic trends and environmental responsibilities that drive business today. I have had much success improving operational efficiencies, implementing new technology, and creating positive results with strategic plans I would say that my key strengths include the ability to: Listen and Understand Plan and Implement Lead and Educate.

Bonnie Lyons – Villanova> Sowing The Seeds of Growth

Higher Education In-Plant Print Manager | Focused on emerging technologies that unite people with web-2-print workflows.


Monique Moynihan – Colorado Division of Central Services

Monique is self-motivated and loves to be in the front lines working with customers as well as employees as a collaborative team to ensure everyone has a voice in the process. She feels that when you give employees a chance to put their stamp on a process then you create a sense of ownership therefore the desire to achieve a goal much more attainable to and organization. The trick is to get consensus without creating Chaos. Her goal is to create an environment by which if the State of Colorado has a business need then their Organization (IDS) is the only organization that is used, not because they have to use them but because they are the best.

Ben Fowler – Shelter Insurance Company> Leading & Supporting Communications with the Challenge of Multi-Generations



Catherine Chambers – Alfred State> 

Catherine Chambers directs the operations of Alfred State SUNY College of Technology’s printing and mail operations, where she is also responsible for Alfred State’s “shared services” initiative. Chambers is co-founder of the Chambers Management Group, a management-consulting firm for mailing and printing in-plants. For more information, see:


Sherri Isbell – University of Oklahoma> Marketing Your Awards

Sherri Isbell has been an active member of IPMA on the national and local level since 1995. She currently holds the position of President-Elect on the National Board of Directors. In addition, she served as National Conference Chair for the 2014 conference in Orlando. In 2013, Sherri was presented IPMA’s Outstanding Contributor Award. On the local level, she is currently the Vice-President for the Central Oklahoma chapter and had previously served two terms as President of that chapter. Sherri is a key member of the senior management team at the University of Oklahoma Printing, Mailing and Document Services. OU Printing and Mailing is the largest University In-Plant operation in the country. She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and in 1998 received certification in the Society for Service Professionals in Printing. Sherri earned IPMA’s Certified Graphic Communications Manager (CGCM) honor in 2000 and has re-certified three times. Sherri is also a founding member of the Franklin Stamp and Ink Society. She is on the advisory board for two different area technology centers and serves as a mentor in a program for the Oklahoma graphic design industry.

Vic_Barkin_PortraitVic Barkin – Vic Barkin Consulting LLC>  Customer & Employee Engagement

Vic Nathan Barkin spent thirty-plus years in the printing industry, twelve of them running Northern Arizona University’s in-plant. Vic earned his CGCM in 1998 and was IPMA’s Arizona Chapter President. He currently owns Vic Barkin Consulting, LLC, is an FSC Senior Auditor for the Rainforest Alliance, and is a Lead Auditor for PriceWaterhouse Coopers and SGS Systems and Services, for whom he conducts FSC, SFI and PEFC wood and paper certification assessments. As an ISO 9001 Certified Lead Auditor, Vic uses ISO Quality Management System tools on a daily basis. To date, Vic has performed over 800 consultations and audits for a broad spectrum of mills, manufacturers, distributors and printers


Jud Posner – Church of Scientology>


Barb Pellow – InfoTrends

A digital printing and publishing pioneer and marketing expert, Barbara Pellow helps companies develop multi-media strategies that ride the information wave whether it is developing a strategy to launch a new product, building a strategic marketing plan or educating your sales force on how to deliver an effective value proposition.  In her role at InfoTrends, she brings the knowledge and skills to help companies expand and grow business opportunity.Before joining InfoTrends, Pellow was the Chief Marketing Officer of Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group, where she was responsible for all marketing activities for the division, including business strategy, marketing communications, public relations, marketing intelligence and advertising strategy. Prior to joining Kodak, Pellow was the Gannett chair in integrated publishing sciences in Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) School of Printing Management and Sciences (SPMS). As chair, Barb focused on the relationship between traditional paper-based media and emerging electronic new media. Previously, she served as Corporate Vice President of Marketing for IKON Office Solutions; Corporate Vice President of Marketing for Indigo; Vice President and General Manager for the Xerox Document Production Systems Group; and Director of the On Demand Printing and Publishing Service at CAP Ventures, an internationally known firm specializing in the digital document and print on demand industry.