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Keynote / Speakers

Keynote Speakers:

Leon Logothetis

Leon Logothetis“I See You: The Power of Human Connection”

Leon’s speech covers his incredible journey around the world relying solely on the kindness of others. What these good Samaritans didn’t know is the people that gave from their heart were given life-changing gifts. From a sending a homeless man back to school, to building a house for a HIV diagnosed mom in Cambodia, these gifts were hisway of giving back. His speech sets out to inspire the audience to recognize their potential and give back in any waythey can. Leon will discuss his long trek out of the corporate world and into the life he was always meant to live.
Real. Raw. Rewarding. Leon’s speech is sure to leave members refreshed and ready to change the world.

More information about Leon Logothetis CLICK HERE

Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows – “Vision – Mindset – Grit”

Scott Burrows is a motivational speaker and bestselling author, he travels the world demonstrating firsthand how the most overwhelming of setbacks in both your personal and professional life can be converted into success, fulfillment and personal realization through a compelling Vision, an unstoppable Mindset and tremendous Grit.

Click Here to read one of Scotts’ blogs.

To learn more about Scott visit his website

Howie Fenton-Howie Fenton Consulting

Barb Pellow-Pellow & Partners


“In-Plant Throwdown: Outsourcing vs In-House”

Howie Fenton & Barb Pellow meet to debate the pros and cons of printing/mailing needs outsourced vs. in-house

Bob Neubauer IPG

 Bob Neubauer – “Trends, Services and Software in the In-plant Industry”

There’s growing optimism in the in-plant market. Nearly half of the in-plants surveyed by In-plant Graphics expect their revenue to increase this year over 2017 levels. This follows a year of volume and revenue growth in 2017. In this session, IPG Editor Bob Neubauer will look into the reasons behind this optimism, examining changes in the services that in-plants provide, shifts in the products they produce and best practices that leading in-plants follow.


Jud Posner – Church of Scientology

Established in 2010, the Church of Scientology’s 186,000 square foot Dissemination & Distribution Center was built from the ground up. During it’s nearly eight years in operation, the facility has experienced an explosive growth rate from producing 5 million items during it’s first year to 76 million items in 2017.
Key to this expansion and success was the unique opportunity to design the flow of the production floor to precisely mirror key organizational principals that all Scientology print personnel are certified in, to ensure maximum efficiency, a unique training program developed both at the California Polytechnic University and the Rochester Institute of Technology and close ties to the inplant community.
Jud Posner, the Church of Scientology’s Pressroom Manager, will share how the plant was conceived, built and is organized for maximum efficiency and success.

Wes Friesen – Author

Wes Friesen – “Your Team Can Soar”

Wes has written a book called “Your Team Can Soar! Powerful Lessons to Help You Lead and Develop High Performing Teams”, and will share some highlights from the book. People in leadership roles have great potential to make a positive difference in the lives of their work teams and their organizations. Wes will be sharing the latest research and practical ideas to help motivate people and build teams that are high performing! You will walk way inspired and equipped to lead your people to an even higher level of success.

Angela Whiteside
Kickstage Consulting

Angela Whiteside – 2018 State of the Industry> IPMA White Paper – Growing and Securing the In-Plant

The presentation will introduce the 2018 IPMA Research White Paper. The purpose of this research is to build upon the findings presented in the two most recent IPMA publications – ‘The State of the In-Plant Industry’ (2016) and ‘The Future of the In-Plant’ (2017) – offering some key managerial insights to combat the threat of outsourcing and seamlessly align the strategic trajectory of In-Plant organizations with those of the parent companies for mutual growth, profitability and partnership. Angela will share how the data collected from the Member and Partner surveys will be used to feed into the conclusions and recommendations of the paper, sharing preliminary results.

Elisha Kasinskas

Elisha Kasinskas

Elisha Kasinskas – “The Workflow Dating Game”

A fun and educational take on the classic game show, “The Dating Game,” where a bachelorette asks a series of questions of three bachelors– sight unseen— to choose who she will take out on a chaperoned date. Join host Tim Hendrix as he works with our contestant to choose the “bachelor” that she finds to be the best match for her workflow needs. She’ll ask questions of bachelors No. 1 (Mr Output Management, Danny Kirkland), 2 (Mr. Web to print) and 3 (Mr. Prepress), but just like the real show, our contestant won’t be able to see our eligible potential workflow matches (“bachelors”). Learn about workflow through her questions and get ready for some excitement when you see who she chooses to go out with on her workflow “date.”

      • Panelist:
        Tim Hendrix – State Of Oregon Publishing & Distribution, State Printer
        Danny Kirkland – Print Promotions Group LLC-Encompass Health, Director
        Steve Nelles – GSA Business Solutions, Director
        Mike VanLancker – UCLA Mail, Document & Distribution, Associate Director
        Diane Negrete – Clovis USD, Business Manager

    Breakout Sessions:

    Carlos Fernandes
    Agile Cyber Security, Founder

    Aaron Hale
    Canon Solutions America

    Aaron Hale, Canon Solutions & Carlos Fernandes, Canon USA – “Cyber Safe Production Security”

    In today’s environment of cyber attacks of all types, this session will help in-plant managers understand the importance of establishing an effective security posture for their operations. From the workflow to the workers themselves, everyone has a role to play when it comes to keeping their workplace safe.
    Attendees will gain perspective of how technology has brought us to this vulnerable state; the mindset of hackers and a look at the anatomy of a hack; protecting devices and workflow solutions and best practices for mitigating threats through establishing safe habits.

    Marcie Carr – Bureau of Publications

    Marcie Carr – ” Whats Next: Innovations in Government”

    Planning for the future,change management,paperless billing and ordering and e-publishing opportunities are all occuring within successful in-plants. This is a story of a government printer who used simple strategic techniques to take the organization from a $1 million deficit to an efficient production facility, which includes becoming a certified full service mailer in conjunction with enhanced inkjet production.

    Richard Silver-George Fox University

    Richard Silver – “Student Employees in the Work Force”

    If you work in the higher education arena, chances are you have student employees working with you. What does that all mean, and how do you empower them to embrace the concept of good work ethics and integrity? Join this round table discussion and learn how to get the best work out of your student employees.



    Bring your problem to the the table for discussion

    Tammy Golden

    Tammy Golden – “Government”

    State of Tennessee, Director

    Dwayne Magee

    Dwayne Magee – “Small Shops”

    Messiah College Press, Director

    Chris Donlon

    Chris Donlon – “Corporation/Manufacturing/Other”

    Kohler Company, Associate Manager – Production


    Monique Moynihan
    State of Colorado

    Monique Moynihan – “Mail”

    State of Colorado Central Service IDS

    Sherri Isbell

    Sherri Isbell – “Higher Education”

    OU Printing Services, Assistant Director



    Michael Zimmer
    Xerox Corporation

    Michael Zimmer,  Xerox – “Color Reignited”

    Learn how Xerox® innovation and premium print applications can help you transform color into opportunities to differentiate, drive growth and ignite remarkable results.



  • Elisha Kasinskas

    Elisha Kasinskas – RSA

    MODERATOR: Elisha Kasinskas, RSA – “Golden In-Plant Ideas Panel”

    Each year the “Idea” panel session is standing room only. Attendees will receive about 30 “golden” ideas in four areas from a panel of three-four leaders. Listen as they share the ideas that have helped them and will help your in-plant have a bright future! Attendees receive a nicely illustrated book of the ideas- with room to take notes- to take back to your in-plant and start using right away. Topics may include: new services, new technology, customer service, being relevant, gaining awareness, and how the panelist’s organization has become “golden” by utilizing these ideas.

        • Panelist:
          Michael Czerepak – University of Delaware
          Catherine Chambers – Alfred State SUNY of Technology
          Christopher Reed – Orange County Public Schools

    Carrie Bornitz – USPS – “Informed Delivery 101 – The Basics”

    This session provides a general overview of what Informed Delivery is and the value it brings to both consumers and the mailing industry.

    Carrie Bornitz

    Carrie Bornitz – USPS – “Informed Delivery 201 –  Conducting an Interactive Campaign”

    This session provides a detailed look at how mailers and mail service providers can conduct Informed Delivery interactive campaigns with their mailings. Content includes information on campaign elements required, submission methods, and post-campaign reports that support data analysis and decision-making.

    Carrie Bornitz – USPS – Follow up: “Informed Delivery Campaigns – Q&A”

    Frank Davis – “Mail Delivery/Pick-up: Bicycle Mail Delivery”

    Following a pilot program with conventional bicycles, UW Creative Communications Mailing Services applied for and received a grant of $88,000 from the Campus Sustainability Fund for 5 electric assist bicycles, trailers, rider gear and maintenance.

    Implementing this program has created a complete revamp of the entire campus delivery process, for the 700 acre campus and beyond. The ebike program is reducing fuel usage, vehicles, maintenance costs, C02 output, and also reducing vehicles on campus.

    These large custom ebikes are a big hit on campus, as we continue to go green.

    Frank Davis
    University of Washington

    Come to the presentation and learn about the entire process.

    Frank Davis –  “Lean Journey and Business Transformation”

    In 2010 the UW In-Plant (one of the largest in the nation) was on the brink of possible closure, due to mounting financial losses and the rapidly changing marketplace. By implementing Lean business practices, rightsizing, adding new business lines and services, negotiating with unions, and more – the UW’s In-Plant is thriving today.

    This presentation will cover these changes, including our Lean Journey, changing our culture with daily, weekly, monthly Lean Huddles, while using visual management tools.The UW In-Plant is a regional Lean Leader, having hosted over 100 tours, including government agencies, private sector companies, and other colleges and universities.

    Bruce Little

    Bruce Little – “Put Your Tracking System to Work”

    A sophisticated tracking system will allow facility decision makers to implement advanced logic to streamline workflows, automate and manage workplace requests, create and display in-app analytics to measure utilization, SLA’s, and performance, close the accountability gap with concrete data points, and conform to compliance regulations with role-based access, permissions, and security. This workshop will help facilities managers illustrate how they are improving not only their own department, but also supporting company wide initiatives such as increasing business service transparency, making better use of valuable resources, improving SLA standards, addressing demands for environmental sustainability, and bringing meaningful metrics to the enterprise stack.

    Howie Fenton

    Howie Fenton – “Creating a Price and Competitive Pricing Strategy”

    Few things are as troubling to in-plants as when customers complain about “price gorging”, administration hears these complaints, and then they start an evaluation or invites external companies to bid on work. Experienced in-plants recognize this problem and have strategies to counter and avoid these problems.

    Leading in-plants monitor internal costs, external prices, and shift from the standard cost based pricing to market or value based pricing strategies. In this seminar we will discuss how to: evaluate the cost per product, how to monitor pricing, the alternatives to cost based pricing, and how to communicate pricing and counter allegations of “price gorging”

    Monique Moynihan
    State of Colorado

    Monique Moynihan – “Employee Engagement”

    Monique will be speaking about getting your employees engaged in the day-to-day worklife through 4DX and other tools that encourage engagement without having to break your budget.
    It’s not about how much you give them, rather the value of what you do for them, you do value them and their work.


    Wes Friesen – Author

    Wes Friesen – “Successfully Managing In-Plant Operations”

    This presentation will cover proven methods to successfully developing world-class in-house operations – whether it’s printing, mailing, document management or any other function. Ten important keys to success will be covered: great management, maximizing your most important resource – people, working with business partners, measuring performance, justifying resources, marketing your services, commitment to quality, redundancy/back-up, continuous learning & improvement, and the 3 “Ps” approach to world class operations.

    Proven and practical techniques from successful in-house operations will be shared. Come prepared to learn some new ideas that can help your operations be even more successful!

    Amanda Bronowski

    Amanda Bronowski – “The Road to InkJet Paved in Possibilities”

    The decision to transition from toner based equipment to inkjet technology should not be taken lightly. There are infinite questions that need to be asked and research that needs to be done to determine if this switch is right for your operations. This presentation will go through the 2 years of research and discoveries made on this journey with my own organization, to help shed some light on this somewhat rocky, yet enlightening experience. If you are thinking about making the switch or just curious if this is the right transition for you, please join me in hopes that my experiences can help create the beginnings of a map for your own inkjet exploration.

    Richard Beto
    University of Texas-Austin

    Richard Beto – “Ausin Bombings – UT Responds?”

    Frank Beto, Director at University of Texas – Austin will present an inside look at the events surrounding the Austin bombings.
    Attendees will learn how campus officials reacted during & after the bombings


Ryan Kiley
Ricoh USA, Inc

Ryan Kiley, Ricoh USA – “A Practical Approach to Augmented Reality for Printers”

Augmented Reality is a hot topic, and this session will show you how you can use it to provide more value to your customers and generate new revenue in the process.
Print providers must differentiate their businesses to beat the competition and Visual Search Technology will allow you to enhance traditional printed pieces to connect end users with digital content. Just by pointing a smartphone or tablet at a printed piece, users can be immersed in a digital experience.
Augmented reality helps your printed materials live longer, adding more value to the standard printed page. Being able to provide this added value to your customers will ultimately earn you more long-term business.

In this session we will:

  • Review the various augmented reality technologies
  • Discuss their strengths and weaknesses
  • Show you a wide range of real life applications
  • Explore the detailed analytics available
  • Discuss postal trends and opportunities for savings

  • John Yerger
    University of Nebraska – Lincoln



    Scott Hawco
    University of Nebraska – Lincoln

    John Yerger & Scott Hawco – “New and Unique Revenue Generators – Roundtable” 





Dan Johansen
Ricoh USA, Inc

Dan Johansen, Ricoh USA, Inc – “Why Including Wide Format In Your In-Plant Makes Sense and Saves Money “

This year, we will spend time talking with you about why including wide format printing in your operation not only makes sense but can save you money. For many of you bringing wide format printing in-house encompasses everything from informational printing, to facility signage and wayfinding information. We will talk about some of the compelling economic aspects of doing this yourself, and how taking full control over everything you print makes sense for your operation.


Tom Matuzak
Domtar, Inc

Tom Matuzak, Domtar, Inc – The 2018 North American Uncoated Paper Market”

Today’s paper market may have you wondering “Where did all this demand for paper come from? What can’t I find my favorite paper brand anymore? Why are my paper prices going up, and up again? Why am I hearing that I have to wait longer for certain paper deliveries?  If you’ve been wondering what the answer to these questions are, or maybe you have your own paper questions, stop by for an update on the historic 2018 uncoated paper market.


Steve Enstad

Steve Enstad, PageDNA – “I Didn’t Know Web to Print Software can do THAT!”

Join PageDNA co-founder and CEO Steve Enstad as he tours cutting-edge uses for “web to print” software technology in the In-Plant print market.    In this fast-paced presentation designed to benefit