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JUNE 10-14, 2018 – COSTA MESA, CA
I want to thank all those involved with this year’s conference.  It was beyond good, it was amazing.  I have been to many events put on by IPMA.  This one was better than last years, which was also great.  The keynotes, sessions, hotel, food, friends, weather and on and on, were perfect.  The tour on Thursday was impressive to boot.  Vendor Fair was huge and the debate was the cherry on top.
Can’t wait for Louisville in 19.
John Sarantakos
Printing, Mailing & Document Services
The University of Oklahoma
I particularly enjoyed Howie vs Barb session(In-Plant Throwdown: Outsourcing vs In-House). After listening to the discussion, I am more determined to attend a NACAS event in order to better understand what those decision makers are hearing and saying.
It’s tremendously rewarding and motivating to see the work of great craftsmen and spend time with true professionals in our industry.
Richard Beto
The University of Texas at Austin
I had a great time in Costa Mesa. Pittsburgh last year would be really hard to beat, but this year’s conference came in a close 2nd. The highlight for me was the Scott Burrows keynote speaker. An amazing testimony and life story of a very strong and determined individual. We all could only hope to have such an inspiring story to tell. I will definitely read Scott’s Vision Mindset Grit book. And as always, the entire conference was very professional and the IPMA staff was totally awesome! A shout out to all the volunteers too, great job printer people! 🙂   A special thank you to Jennifer Chambers, John Sarantakos and Larry Clements for all their help and patience with me during the CGCM testing. Thanks ladies and gentlemen!
Keith Hopson
Supervisor, mkPrint
Mary Kay Cosmetics
The overall conference was great.  Planning that went into it by the headquarters crew and extended folks which are too many to name was absolutely amazing.  The speakers were amazing!  The highlight for me is always the plant tour and the Church of Scientology in-plant was beyond great.  I was highly impressed by the layout and the expansive abilities and facilities.  It was pretty cool to see the mold casting and wood working shops as well as the printing, binding, mailing and apparel making.  Another highlight for me is to genuinely meet and talk with people on a level beyond surface. 
Great people!  All was so well organized and well thought out.  I counted 146 attendees, but it sure seemed like it was more than that.  Great work everyone!  Looking forward to Lou-uh-vull!
Paul Bethel
Digital Printing Services Manager
BlueCross BlueShield Louisiana
What a great conference! It was so nice to see familiar faces and I loved meeting the first time attendees and feeling their energy. The debate between Howie Fenton and Barb Pellow (moderated by Bob Neubauer) was a highlight for me. I’ve heard Howie and Barb speak, many times, on a variety of topics, but this format brought out some very interesting points of view. I’d love to see this type of discussion/debate format in future key note slots. The dinner cruise was a lot of fun and the tour of the Church of Scientology Print Center was jaw-dropping. I loved this conference!
A big THANK YOU to Mike Loyd, Jennifer Chambers, Amy Banker and Jan Portwood! I’d also like to thank Richard Silver and all of the volunteers for all of their hard work!
Mike OHara
Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators
It was fantastic. Scott Burrows was one of the highlights from me. I thought we had some great sessions this year and the night outing will not soon be forgotten!
Tammy Golden
State of Tennessee
Costa Mesa was my first time attending the IPMA conference. I was very impressed with the organization and quality of the conference.
My department is Print and Mail, although I am much more of the “Mail” side of things. I feel that I picked up a much better understanding of the print side of my department from attending this conference.
The vendor fair was very nice and the vendor support of the conference was impressive. Let’s just say I didn’t leave any event hungry. The keynote speakers were all impressive and motivational.
I feel that this is a very high quality, high value conference and would encourage anyone in the Print and Mail industry to attend.
I am sending information for next years conference to all of my University mail contacts to mark their calendars to try to attend in Louisville. I feel that Print and Mail go hand in hand and it would be nice to see a good mix of both.
Andy Wright
Central Mail Services
The University of Oklahoma
I thought the sessions were better and I was pleased to see a little more mailing / postal sessions.
Chris Barclay
Printing & Mail Services Mananger
Connecticut College    
It was a fantastic conference this year, one of the best! The breakout sessions were well attended and interesting. The keynote speakers were also top notch along with the vendor fair. I enjoyed Leon Logothetis of the Netflix series “The Kindness Diaries” a lot also Scott Burrows had an emotional story to tell. But my favorite thing each year is seeing all of the friends I have made at past conferences. My thanks to Mike and all of the IPMA staff along with Richard Silver and his group of volunteers. I am already looking forward to Louisville next June 2-6, 2019 The Galt House Hotel.
Larry Clements
Being a first time attendee I do not have previous years to compare this conference too but, this conference gave me more than I expected. I was most impressed with the quality of Keynotes! My favorite was Leon because he is living the life I strive to live with his kindness. I feel I connected with a few attendees beyond the professional level and have a good contact list as our shop grows and finds ways to be self-sustaining. And lastly, thank you to the IPMA staff and board members for doing a fantastic job of making a new kid on the block feel like an old friend. Here’s to Louisville 2019!
Michele Woodrum
Team Lead, Mail & Print Services
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
I wasn’t sure if this conference would surpass Pittsburgh but I think it did. The content from start to finish was amazing. Highlights for me were the large vendor fair, on-point sessions, keynotes and networking. The Barb/Howie Outsourcing Debate marked the culmination of a memorable conference! 
We already have some great plans for 2019 – Hope to see you all in Louisville!
Sherri Isbell
Assistant Director
Printing, Mailing & Document Services
The University of Oklahoma
As a first time attendee, I don’t have a baseline to gauge against.  That said, the bar was set very high and the conference was informative, educational, entertaining and very well organized.  Sessions, food services, and accommodations were excellent.  Vendor support was stellar.  Thank you to all the staff and volunteers as well as fellow attendees who made me and my wife feel so welcome throughout the event.  See you next year!
Stephen J Amitrano
Director, Print & Mail Services
Rowan College at Burlington County
As always talking to fellow professionals about what they are doing was the best part, followed by the great weather. Now I just have to make time to make plans to implement some of the ideas that came up before I forget about them.
Ken Johnson
Director of Printing Services
Ball State University
This year’s conference only beats out last year’s by a small margin.  The keynotes were definitely top notch and timely, followed by the sessions.  But it all wouldn’t be as great as it was without friends, old and new!  We have a super staff and group of volunteers that have done a wonderful job with the conference and I am looking forward what Louisville will have to offer.
Kelly A. Hogg
Printing & Copying Services
University of Virginia
As a first time attendee I can tell you the conference was awesome! I look forward to attending the next one. The keynotes were terrific and the educational sessions diverse. I appreciated having sessions on mail and hope that that can be expanded even more in the future. The Vendor Fair was large and covered a broad scope of services. I think it would be great to see more mail vendors (Lorton, Quadient, Neopost (software & meters), Kirk Rudy, Pitney Bowes, etc.)
I really appreciated the social networking opportunities. Jan – great job with the app! It was a wonderful resource!
Thank you to Mike, Amy, Jennifer, Jan and the entire board for your tireless efforts in coordinating a fabulous event!
Laura Lockett
Sacramento State Reprographics & Mail Services
I really enjoyed the conference and definitely want to attend next year. I’ve set a couple of things into motion as a result. I plan to participate in the online community, time seems to get away from me. Thank you for all the hospitality and for introducing me to Cedric Stewart.
Kimberly Middleton
Director of Printing Services
Centerpoint Energy
Did you enjoy the conference?
95.24% > 5- Loved it!!!! Had a great time!!!
4.76%   > 4- Really enjoyed.
0%         > 3- Thought it was ok.
0%         > 2- Not thrilled.
0%         > 1- Hated it.
Would you recommend the conference?
95.24% > 5- Highly recommend.
4.76%   > 4- Recommend.
0%         > 3- Neutral.
0%         > 2- Probably not.
0%         > 1- Definitely not.
As always the IPMA team were excellent hosts
Everything was phenomenal again this year. Great planning has gone into every aspect. All involved have done a bang up job.
Get more members to attend?
Keynote was very inspiring. Amanda Bronowski’s presentation was very informative.
Outstanding opportunity to freely share relevant information.
This was my first IPMA conference. I have been to three of the Print Conventions in Chicago and by far this conference tops them all.