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“My colleague and I attended our first IPMA event recently at the Roadshow in Nashville. It was a very positive experience! For a one day meeting, the agenda was stocked with a nice variety of discussions and we had multiple opportunities to network with others in a variety of settings. As we are currently in a stage of growth and exploring new territory, it was very helpful that everyone we met was eager to share experiences and information. We look forward to the next time we can attend an IPMA event!” – Jill Fair and Fred Conley, East Tennessee State University, Biomedical Communications Department

“The IPMA Showcase in Nashville was the first professional event I’ve attended. I’ve been employed at Skyhawk Printing and Mail Services for almost 3 years. The networking and brainstorming opportunity with In-Plant managers was invaluable to our facility, because I was able to learn how other In-Plants grow their business and solve problems that we are now facing since we’ve expanded our services.
I believe that everyone should attend an IPMA event. I came back with 3 pages of notes and ideas to implement in our shop. Buy most importantly, I feel like I’ve become part of a talented group of colleagues and friends that can support each other as the printing industry changes with the evolution of technology and customers’ needs.”
 – Elizabeth Lackey, Graphic Designer, Skyhawk Printing and Mail Services-The University of Tennessee at Martin

University of Washington Creative Communications – Seattle, Washington

“As always, it is good to learn about industry trends, and share information.
The three round tables, Wide Format, Mailing, Managed Print – were all full of lively conversations, sharing of information, challenges, triumphs, cost savings….
I saw examples of Managers saying they were going to contact other Managers or vendors they had met in the near future, to help with a project, research or justify equipment or software, etc.”
-Frank Davis, University of Washington