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Member Types

There are several types of IPMA membership, based on your company’s mission and your role within the company as well as the number of individuals who have joined or wish to join.

  • For Vendors

    Associate Individual Membership

    Cost: $500 annually for each member

    Associate membership is for persons who are employed by a company that produces or sells supplies, equipment or services to in-house corporate publishing and distribution facilities and are directly or indirectly responsible for developing, planning, marketing or selling those materials or services.

  • For Students

    Student Membership:

    Cost: $55 annually (proof must be submitted)

  • For In-Plant Managers

    Regular Membership is for persons who are employed by or manage in-house/corporate publishing or distribution services or a department of in-house corporate publishing and distribution services for and within a parent organization.

    Persons whose primary role is Teachers of graphics, printing &/or mailing curriculum at secondary schools, colleges or universities or is a full-time student are also eligible for regular membership at a discounted fee. (Contact IPMA for more information)

    Cost: $325 annually for each member

    Additional Membership
    Cost:   $225 annually for each additional member

    Corporate Membership
    Cost: $1250 Annually for up to 10 members (contact IPMA to sign up as a corporate)

    Additional & Corporate members must be employed at the same physical location (i.e., the same mailing address); multiple branches of the same company shall be considered separate companies.


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