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Posted by on Jan 25, 2018 in News | 0 comments

Messiah College-IPMA In-Plant Awareness Month

What is everyone planning(for In-Plant Awareness Month)? We were a little early this year. We had planned to do an open house but our students came to us and asked that instead, we support something new they were trying this year.
They called it an “office involvement fair.”
The purpose of the event was for our Messiah College Community to gather together in one location so that individuals could better understand what resources, offices, and services exist on campus in support of students and all Messiah business.
By visiting the Fair and getting to know and learn face-to-face from the offices or groups, attendees would be better equipped for a successful semester.

So we supported every office that participated by helping them with their displays and communication materials.

AND of course – we had our own booth as well.


Dwayne Magee
Director College Press and Postal Services
Messiah College Press

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