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Posted by on Dec 5, 2018 in Blogs | 2 comments

Reflections On Being IPMA’s President- By Dwayne Magee

It seems hard to believe, but in just a few weeks my time as IPMA President will be coming to a close. In realization of this fact, I have been thinking about all of the things we have accomplished over the last 2 years. (And when I say “we” – I truly do mean “we” – as in We the board, We the members, and We the volunteers – and, of course our incredible IPMA staff)

Usually, when I think about IPMA, my mind goes right to our annual conference. In fact, I would be surprised if most people didn’t think about IPMA in this way. It is by far the biggest thing we do and I can’t remember better IPMA conferences than these last two, Pittsburgh and Costa Mesa. But we all know IPMA is so much more than just a yearly gathering of in-plants.

  • IPMA is a community. We are a group of people who are connected because of our shared values, resources, commitments, beliefs, preferences, priorities, duties, risks, needs, and intentions. We are privileged to share our lives and livelihoods with each other. As this sharing occurs, we all grow stronger and become better at what we do. And, if we are doing it right, we make some very good friends along the way.
  • IPMA is a team. A career in print and mail can make for some very difficult days. I have worked long, hard hours at several jobs in my 38 years as a printer. Within those work environments, I have been fortunate to be a part of some great crews. As co-workers, we have accomplished the impossible over and over again. But I am hard pressed to think of any other group of people I would rather have fighting alongside me than the people of IPMA.
  • IPMA is family. A natural byproduct of the work of an association is comradery. When a group of experienced, like-minded, skilled craftsmen like those within our organization get together to solve problems and talk shop, we tend to start doing life together. It becomes more than just networking. Accomplishments are celebrated, we are joined together in trying times, and the passing of our peers is profoundly sorrowful.

I cherish all of you and I will always fondly remember my time serving on the IPMA board. I am very proud of all of our work but am perhaps most proud of the following accomplishments:

  • I believe I have helped to usher in a renewed focus on strengthening and saving in-plants.
  • The board has clarified our Association Objectives which now include a focus on advocating for the in-house business model.
  • Bringing on Mike Loyd as Executive Director.
  • Expanding IPMA staff and empowering this amazing, dedicated team to succeed.
  • Adding Value to IPMA membership (Effectiveness Review Tool, Improvement of Road Shows, Revamp of Chapters, Xerox Agreement, and so much more).
  • Substantial growth in membership and improved financial position.

Of course, there is still much work that needs to be done. I would encourage anyone reading this blog who has an interest in serving to contact IPMA headquarters. And be sure to let the team know what you value most about IPMA membership.

The work continues and Sherri Isbell is just the leader we need as we go forward with these (and countless other) initiatives:

  • Working more closely with other in-plant associations,
  • Revamping of On-line Community Pages and improving Thread structure,
  • Providing new and improved resources for members within the community library,
  • Working to attract new talent to the print and mail industries,
  • More focus on CGCM and CMM certifications (Adding/updating/emphasizing/marketing),
  • Renewed focus on the importance and availability of IPMA’s Brahney Scholarship,
  • And of course, continue putting on the best conference in our industry.

I wish you all the best and I look forward to seeing each of you in Louisville.

With warm regards and a thankful heart


Currently serving as President of the In-plant Printing Association, Dwayne Magee, CGCM is in his 13th year as Director of College Press and Postal Services at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. His department was the recipient of the 2015 IPMA Innovation Award, the 2017 ACUP Green Service Award, and the 2015 ACUP Collaborative Service Award.





  1. Thank you for your incredible service to IPMA and it’s members. Your leadership brought tremendous growth, stability, and value.

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