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Resources for Smaller In-Plants


  • IPMA’s greatest strength is its diversity. Our membership is comprised of in-plants of all sizes and all industry segments. 25% of our members are in-plants with 10 employees or less. Our On-line community, our conferences, and our regional events give these smaller shops opportunities to learn from one another and, more often than you might guess, teach the bigger shops a thing or two.


  • The In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA) offers several award-winning opportunities for in-plants of all sizes. On average, half of our smaller in-plants who enter our annual contest are recognized for their excellent work.


  • At IPMA, we understand that smaller shops do not always have the funding that is needed for professional development. Therefore, we offer a Scholarship opportunity to help members defray a portion of the registration fee for our annual Educational Conference. Click here to learn more and to apply for assistance.


  • IPMA believes strongly in the value of community. There is strength in numbers. No in-plant should have a need or a challenge that it must tackle on its own. Our team in Kearney, Missouri stands ready to assist you. We may not have all the answers but we can connect you with your peers or with a knowledgeable, in-plant supporting vendor.
  • As an IPMA member you will have access to the IPMA Community where there is a library of resources from webinars, whitepapers, blogs and other valuable information.  The IPMA Community Forum is nearly 600 members strong ready to respond to any questions, concerns or needs another member may have.