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What IPMA Means to Me – Tonya Demerson

Membership in IPMA has been the most valuable tool for me as manager of the City of Denton’s in-plant. I have been employed with the City of Denton for over 21 years. I have been manager of the print shop for 18 years. When the City first contemplated the idea of an internal print shop, we (myself and my then manager) went on a site visit to the internal shop for the City of Fort Worth. After the tour, the manager there gave us a copy of In-Print Graphics (It may have been called In-Plant Graphics back then.) and information on IPMA. She told us that it was a really good resource for her.

I researched the organization, signed up, and it has been the best resource for our shop. The annual conference offers the opportunity to network with professionals in like industries with like needs, interests, and issues. The website allows access to sample RFPs, job descriptions, forms, just about anything you would need to operate a shop.

Every year that I have had the opportunity to attend a conference, I always learn something new and/or valuable to my organization. I’ve learned about software and other items just in random conversations. At one conference, we were discussing Acrobat and a fellow member told me about a plug-in to Acrobat called QuiteImposing. We purchased the plug-in and have been using it for years now. I don’t think I would have heard about that plug-in without being amongst those peers. I even convinces a former director over the print shop to attend. She had limited knowledge of an in-plant and she was very pleased with the information she received and was very supportive of the in-plant and IPMA after attending the conference.

If your organization is considering an in-house print shop or already have one, IPMA is what you need to help build it and/or keep it strong and thriving.

Tonya Demerson
City of Denton

Tonya Demerson
City of Denton – Retired

Tonya Demerson began her career with the City of Denton in November of 1996 and has been serving as manager of the Reprographics division since October of 2000. As the manager, she was responsible for managing, planning, budgeting, developing, and coordinating the services and activities of the Reprographics division which included marketing, printing, imaging, copier fleet management, and graphic design.

Tonya obtained her bachelor of science in business marketing from the University of Phoenix in July of 2007.

Tonya has been an active member of IPMA for a number of years. The City of Denton Reprographics division received In-Print awards in 2003 and 2005, and received the Promotional Excellence Award in 2005. Tonya has also been the recipient of the Brahney Scholarship.

Outside of professional interests, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and participating in community, church, civic activities, and is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Denton County Alumnae Chapter.

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