Month of February: IPMA In-Plant Awareness Month

February is In-Plant Awareness Month!

What does that mean?

It’s time to show off just what your in-plant can do- to your customers and potential customers, your management, and the world. It’s time to bring attention to our amazing industry- to show how we shine. And it’s time to unite in the span of a month and do this through IPMA’s In-Plant Awareness Month!

What can you do?

–Hold an open house or other event.

–Offer tours.

–Have a lunch and learn or short seminar showcasing a new piece of equipment or process.

–Feature your work and shop on social media. Make it personal- maybe introduce your staff showing what they can do. Social media loves video- not polished, but conversational- make it real!

–Distribute samples to your customers/potential customers featuring ideas they could use for future work- new processes, innovative formats, even augmented reality.

–Create a video of your shop in action.

–Refresh your website with blogs and compelling content- even overlap with some of the other ideas above.

And, if you’re an IPMA member, let us know what your plans are and/or send photos and we’ll feature you on our website, in our members-only community, and on social media. Contact and we’ll take it from there. Plus, if possible, Executive Director Mike Loyd would love to visit your in-plant and be a part of your event. Just ask.

And this month is also about in-plants sharing ideas with each other:

–Posting and sharing tips on social media.

–Learning through attending events and webinars.

–Becoming more active in the in-plant community, particularly through IPMA’s members-only community.

–Planning for and registering for IPMA’s annual conference where you’ll connect with in-plants of all sizes from across the country for the largest In-Plant event for all sectors of the industry.

Plus use #InPlantsRock, #InPlantAwareness, and #InPlant on social media when you share, and tag @IPMAHQ on Twitter and IPMA Headquarters on Facebook to get noticed by your peers.

For more information, In-Plant Awareness Month happenings, and downloadable badges for your celebration visit:


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