IPMA In-Plant Awareness Month

February is In-Plant Awareness Month!

What does that mean?

It’s time to show off who you are and what your in-plant can do. To your customers and potential customers, your management, and the world. It’s time to bring attention to our amazing industry and show how we shine. And it’s time to unite in the span of a month and do this through IPMA’s In-plant Awareness Month!

We’re all coming out of 2 years of COVID. Ups and downs. Most of us have been open. We’ve taken on new work and seen other work go away. And work we did to accommodate remote work, education, and more has evolved or disappeared. And some has created a new demand for signage and floor graphics.

Our marketing has changed as well. In-person in-plant tours, open houses, lunch and learns are just beginning to come back. We’ve learned to be videographers to accomplish the same goals virtually. And we’re experimenting with augmented reality, embellishment, and creative ways to get our message out.

We’ve created new services and we’ve added new equipment. Sometimes consolidating while expanding offerings.

Excitement is back. Let’s share our success stories and show how our industry is thriving.

Let’s show who we are. Photographs. Video. Print. Mail. Websites. Social Media.

And, if you’re an IPMA member, share them with us and be featured on our website and social media to share the celebration. Just contact Jan Portwood at jportwood@ipma.org.

When you post on social media, use #InPlantsRock, #InPlantAwareness, and #InPlant and tag @IPMAHQ on Twitter and Instagram, and IPMA Headquarters on Facebook to get noticed by your peers.

For more information, In-Plant Awareness Month happenings, and downloadable badges for your celebration visit: https://ipma.org/ipma-in-plant-awareness-month/.


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Feb 01 - 28 2022


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