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IPMA's members come from not only those involved in printing, publishing and graphic design, but also mailing, fulfillment and distribution from all industry segments including colleges, universities, associations, hospitals, insurance, manufacturing, primary and secondary education, religious organizations, local/state/national governments and utilities.

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    When I was hired as State Printer, the very first thing I did was become an IPMA member, it is that important.
    State of Oregon Publishing & Distribution
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    Membership in IPMA has been the most valuable tool for me as manager of the City of Denton’s in-plant.
    City of Denton
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    The IPMA Community is a resource that’s available to you at all times. You have the industry’s top experts ready to assist and advise you at any time. All you have to do is post your question.
    Department of General Services for the State of TN
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    IPMA is an Association run by the members, for the benefit of the members.  The single most important advantage IPMA has over other groups, is the fact that we do not compete with each other.  What one shop does will not affect what another shop in the same vicinity does.  Different customers, different missions, different scopes of work.  What it does foster is an environment where help and resources are always available and shared by members
    University of Oklahoma