Print Shop in a box – Integrating your In-plant technology

When running your print shop, you have precious time to worry about ensuring your web to print, MIS, accounting, scheduling and shipping software work together. You want to ensure your technology works seamlessly to bring orders into your system quickly and efficiently, with as few touches as possible. Likewise when it’s time to go to production you want to ensure that your operators aren’t rekeying basic information, and that an invoice can be generated quickly and efficiently. EFI’s Ron Teller and John Fleming will take you through the most critical functions and demonstrate the importance of having an integrated print suite to run your in-plant.

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Ron Teller

Ron Teller grew up in a printing family and spent 20 years in the printing industry.  His experience included pressman, estimator, production manager and owner.  In 1999 he was asked to join PrintSmith to expand the support team and add his printing expertise to an MIS software in need of updating to adapt to the changing times.  His expertise has not only helped EFI, but helped many struggling companies redirect their focus and use MIS software to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.  His roles with the company include Training Manager, in which he developed internal training classes, webinars and on-site training programs.  Service Manager, overseeing the technical support team, and eventually he became the Product Manager in 2004 after the company was acquired by EFI.  He has since been working to enhance PrintSmith to meet the future needs of the ever changing printing market while working with customers to get the most out of PrintSmith and a better understanding of the printing industry evolution.



John Fleming

John has a long history with the Print industry, including managing a Printing company and founding his own successful software business. For more than 20 years John founded, owned and operated printLeader, a leader in MIS software solutions for the print industry. Having successfully built a client roster of more than 800 customers across North America John sold that business to EFI in 2013 and helped to integrate the install base into the PrintSmith Vision platform. Today John leads the Sales team at EFI for our Quick Print Suite customers including PrintSmith Vision and MarketDirect StoreFront.






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Oct 14 2020


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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